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Paramiliar Design Studios provide Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services to small businesses and organisations throughout the UK. While there is no guarantees in achieving high rankings in the major search engines, your web pages can be optimised to maximise search engine visibility.

Guaranteed Positions - No Such Thing In SEO!

Many search engine marketing companies claim they can produce top results in a short period of time and guarantee top listings within search engines. In the majority of cases this will be due to unethical optimisation practices such as:

• Keyword stuffing in the meta tags
• Using text that is too small or almost invisible on a page
• Cloaking or page swapping techniques
• Using colored text on a same colour background
• Promoting keywords not related to your website

Unethical optimisation risks having your website penalised or banned altogether from the major search engines. Once a website is banned, it can stay in that state for a very long time and may never recover. There is no 'quick fix' that places a website 'at the top'. No search engine optimisation company can guarantee the top position, unless they are marketing your website via pay-per-click management.

Competitive Keyword Phrases vs Efficient Keyword Phrases

Competitive Keywords V's Effective KeywordsMany businesses face the problem of having to deal with extremely competitive keywords. If you have no choice but to market at this level then pay-per-click management may be appropriate for you. Otherwise, your site optimisation needs to focus on serving specific needs of your customers that differentiates your service from the rest. Try and leverage such focus by selecting keyword phrases that target your specific audience and are popular. Such phrases are likely to have less competition than generic terms that everyone else targets.

The best approach to keyword selection is to select keywords with high efficiency i.e. selecting keywords that are popular yet less competitive. Paramiliar Design Studios can provide all the necessary advice and reports to guide you through this process.
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