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Paramiliar Design Studio's website development Here at Paramiliar Design Studios we value our clients, below you will find a list of our past and present clients.

Archeon Blue

Archeon Blue After many hours of deciding how Archeon should evolve I decided to go for a more professional appearance and this was the result.
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Bigpockets At Bigpockets we where requested to update many of the banner images displayed on site as well as develop their weekly mailshot's, this involved creating the images and creating the advertising text that went with the product
Learn More About & Preview Bigpockets


Discsexpress At Discsexpress we where requested to help improve the layout and the look of the site, we re-developed the content boxes on the site and developed the entire review system with ratings and user comments. As well they also utilize the Paramiliar Tree Menu.
Learn More About & Preview Discsexpress

World Cup Helmets

World Cup Helmets At World Cup Helmets we went out and took professional pictures of several members of staff, with these images we where given the task of making them look good, as well as fitting them with a background image and the hat england helmet.
Learn More About & Preview World Cup Helmets

Lifting Gear Direct

Lifting Gear Direct We were hired by Lifting Gear Direct to help promote their company on the internet. They had never had a website before so where un-aware what would be involved, we acted as a consultant to them explaining how the internet works and what would be required, shortly after this we where hired to produce their site and to manage the Search Engine Optimization. As part of this package we even trained them on how to use pay per click campaigns and how to get more for their money.
Learn More About & Preview Lifting Gear Direct

Rope Services Direct

Rope Services Direct Shortly after completing the Lifting Gear Direct website we were hired by their sister company Rope Services Direct to fulfill the same requirements that had been met with the Lifting Gear Direct website
Learn More About & Preview Rope Services Direct


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