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Here at Paramiliar Design Studios we activly promote your company and support you from website creation until the terminiation of your company (if that ever happens!) There are many services we can offer your company that will help it grow and maintain its customer base for the lifetime of your website, heck we can even help you branch out into new areas!

Website Design and Development

Website design website development web site design web site development

Your website is in many cases your first point of contact for your customers and its important that you have all the information available to them in an easy to read manour. Imagine you are selling a technical product to the average home user, displaying techinical information on the product won't mean much to the average home user so you have to re-word that technical information into something that can be read and understood by every visitor to your website.

Company Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation

Company marketing and Search Engine Optimisation SEO business marketing website marketing

Whats the point in having a fantastic website if no one can find it? This is where our support in marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can help your visitor count boom. We even supply you with monthly reports on how well your website is doing ranging from how many individual visitors your website receives to which pages are being viewed the most to what keywords are being used to visit your website. All of this data is provided in an easy to read report with summaries by us on what steps can be taken to make improvements.

New Business and Busines Expansion Support

New bussiness and business expansion support

Are you looking to expand your company into a new online market? "We have a new idea for our website but we are unsure if it will work and how to do it any ideas?" This is a question we hear quite regulary, with our support and insight we can help answer this question and in most cases provide the solution that will get your business moving into a new market.


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