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Pay Per Click Campaigns

Paramiliar Design Studios offer Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Services to small businesses and organisations throughout the UK.

Pay per click (PPC) is a great way to quickly drive targeted traffic to your website. Instead of paying upfront for placing your ad on the search engines, you are only charged when someone actually clicks on your keyword-targeted advertisement.

Google Adwords and Yahoo! Search Marketing (formerly Overture), are the two largest network operators of pay per click advertising, with a number of other operators covering smaller website networks.

Google Adwords

Google Pay per click advertising
Google AdWords is a quick and simple way to purchase highly targeted cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-impression (CPM) advertising, regardless of your budget

Yahoo! Search Marketing

Yahoo Pay per click advertising
Getting your business prominent placement in search results is ensured with Yahoo! Search Marketing - the industry’s most comprehensive suite of search marketing and related products.

MSN Live Search

MSN Pay per click advertising
Our solutions help empower you to connect with your consumers as they access different media at various points throughout the day.

Mirago PPC

Mirago Pay per click advertising Mirago provide a range of online advertising products. Each product is designed to help you get your website in front of an audience of highly-targeted customers.

Why use Pay-Per-Click?

Search engine optimisation for ranking in the natural listings takes time and is an ongoing process of adding fresh content and building links. Also, even if you already have a well-optimised site, there may be some extra keywords that you would like to show for in the search engines (since it is virtually impossible to naturally optimise your site for every single keyword that you feel you should be listed for). You may even want your ad to show for those extra-competitive keywords that are also poor choices for natural search engine optimisation. Pay per click advertising provides a solution to all of these problems and it works, enabling you to buy your way to the top of the major search engine listings.

Benefits of Pay Per Click

  • Cost Effective - only pay when a targeted visitor is brought to your website (rather than when your advert is displayed), which makes it one of the most effective and trackable forms of marketing available.
  • Accurate - your advertising reaches those already actively searching for your product or service, a significant benefit over traditional offline marketing such as TV or print
  • Measurable - down to the keyword that brought them in and if they made a purchase, enquired or signed up on your site
  • Rapid - extremely fast to generate traffic - you'll have new visitors the same day the campaign is approved to go live
  • Budget - your budget can be increased or decreased on a daily basis, and total spend can never exceed the agreed amount
  • Control - the ad copy is specifically designed with your marketing message and a call to action
  • Relevancy - send the visitor direct to the most relevant page of your website, significantly improving their experience and likelihood to purchase or enquire
The benefits of pay per click advertising far outweigh the cost, which is why it is such an effective form of advertising. You get targeted traffic to your site that's looking for you. It's easily measurable (all the search engines provide conversion tracking), and it often yields a great return on investment (ROI).

Pay Per Click Management Service

Just like search engine optimisation for success in the natural rankings, analysis of your target market and keyword research is definitely required before beginning any type of paid placement campaign. Paramiliar Design Studios will carry this out for you before:
  • Creating your pay per click account(s)
  • Producing a comprehensive list of relevant search terms
  • Writing creative ad text for each search term
  • Providing reports on cost per click (CPC) and your return on investment (ROI)
  • Managing your bids and optimising your account(s)
  • Tracking conversion rates on your campaign(s)
Search engine click costs range from 10p - £2.00 per click depending upon your market sector and individual search phrases. Paramiliar Design Studios fees are based on a percentage of your search engine spend. How much you budget is up to you. The more the budget, the more click throughs, the more leads, the more sales.

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