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Portfolio - Website Development

Paramiliar Design Studio's website development

This section of the portfolio is designed to show the development of websites, Internet Rich Applications and MySQL Databases.

CRB Check 4 U

CRB Check 4 U CRBChecks4U is an online Criminal Records Bearu website, their aim is to provide fast and detailed Police Checks for personall and business use.
Learn More About CRB Check 4 U

Rope Services Direct

Rope Services Direct Rope Services Direct is a small business based in the Dudley area. The contract here was to develop a website to give the company an online presence. This entailed developing a layout, creating the pages and coding a simple Php form to be used for contacting them.
Learn More About Rope Services Direct

Lifting Gear Direct

Lifting Gear Direct We were approached by Lifting Gear Direct to help them get an online presence for their company. We were hired to create a layout for the site, develop the pages and manage their Search Engine Searches as well as setup mini sites for all their products.
Learn More About Lifting Gear Direct


247PC 247PC is a unique online e-commerce site. The site is fully operated by parsing supplier feeds and displaying the information on site, this meant that this business could be operated with the minimum of human interaction and shows how the latest technology standards of today can drastically increase revenue.
Learn More About 247PC


Discsexpress Discsexpress is an online media store based in Edinburgh. We were approached by the owners to help with its implementation. The full site is custom coded Php scripts with full integration with the Paramiliar Tree Menu. Most of the work for this company was based on their administrative features with a working despatch script that integrated the website and several pieces of software to make the job easier.
Learn More About Discsexpress


Bigpockets Bigpockets is a large business based in Lye; they specialize in media sales and computer hardware. Here we developed increased security for their administration section, ensured peak performance of their dedicated servers, managed email accounts and network systems, integrated RSS and XML technology into their site.
Learn More About Bigpockets

Pure Astonishment

Pure Astonishment Pure Astonishment has over 19 years of experience in magic. With performance experience both at amateur and professional level, we know the magic world inside out. Their aim with their website is to make it a unique and welcoming experience for all visitors. They provide quality magic with easy to follow instructions and top quality support.
Learn More About Pure Astonishment

Xoot Clubbin

Xoot Clubbin Xoot Clubbin is aimed at giving their visitors news on night club events and a place to review and post images on the clubs they visit.
Learn More About Xoot Clubbin


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