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What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Search engine optimisation (or SEO) is the process of ensuring that a website is search engine 'friendly'  - that it is fully accessible by search engine spiders and meets search engine criteria (content theme, relevancy and links from other sites) in order to be favourably ranked in relevant search results. 

Why Optimise for Search Engines?

By optimising your website for search engines, you will receive a higher ranking in the search engines.  A higher rank means a greater chance the website will be visited by a user.  The average person will not continue past the 3rd page of a search engine so to really help your website you need to be optimised to the point where you are as close to the top as possible.  Today there are many different factors to address in order to optimise a website for search engine placement, there are typically one hundred or more factors taken into account by search engines when they rank pages.

What Search Engine Optimisation Can Do for You

What our Clients say

"Before Paramiliar Design Studios optimised our website for search engines we where spending over £250 a week on pay per click campaigns. Now thanks to their help we spend less than 10‰ of that! We owe them a great deal. "
Simon Parkinson
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Website optimisation is crucial for both ensuring the pages of your website are indexed by the search engines and ensuring that your site is favourably ranked and therefore found by targeted visitors seeking your products and services.  Web search is the second most common use of the internet after email and so there are hundreds of thousands of people searching for products and services online every month. Investing in thorough search engine optimisation sets your site up to succeed and will allow your business to reap the ongoing benefits of free (non-advertising based) targeted traffic.

How do you Approach Search Engine Optimisation?

Our experienced consultants will conduct an in-depth audit of your site in order to establish all areas, which require optimisation.  By addressing every aspect of your site that can influence search engine ranking, we are able to undertake a comprehensive and effective website optimisation. Our process also includes a keyword analysis.

Why Use Paramiliar Design Studios for Search Engine Optimisation?

Paramiliar Design Studios have a proven track-record of success across a wide range of different markets.  To our credit, we have retained some of our very first clients, clearly demonstrating their ongoing confidence in our optimisation skills.  Using proven and ethical optimisation methods only, we have gained great respect in the internet marketing industry.

What to Do Next

We can help at any stage of the website optimisation process, whether you require an existing site to be optimised or are interested in having a new site created which is search engine 'friendly'.  Simply contact us over the internet for personalised advice and further information.



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