Rewards for Schools 30th January 2006
Are you a School, College or University looking to make your IT budget stretch further?

If the answer is yes then the Bigpockets Education Loyalty Points Scheme could be the solution to your problems.

Every education facility registered for our school only section will receive an individual Loyalty Points code, this will be used to register points for that particular facility. This code can then be distributed to all associates of the School, College or University be they Parents or Teachers, and for every order of £50 or over placed using this code the education facility will receive a Bigpockets Education Loyalty Point. A further point is awarded for every ubsequent £100 spent over the initial £50, so for £150 you would receive 2 points, £250 3 points etc.

Once you have accrued a total of 100 points you will be awarded a credit of
£250 to spend in a single order on the website. It really is that simple, our online order form will have an additional loyalty points code box into which the code will be typed prior to checkout. The total number of Loyalty Points you have accrued will be viewable at all times by logging into the School only Section, using the user name and password that you currently use.

A full set of instructions, along with the Terms and Conditions of this
offer will be issued with your Loyalty Scheme Code later this week.